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Curled Shavings | White Chocolate



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  • 100% NATURAL: made with real cocoa butter, milk and vanilla
  • Elevate the look of your desserts with these eye catching white chocolate curled shavings. Build textures that add interest and color for visual appeal. Cost-effective way to add sophistication.
  • Easily create a professional look with a few sprinkles. Easy to apply for consistent results.
  • Add to all your dessert creations: cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, fondue, chocolates, candies, or mousse.
  • Packed in a resealable jar and screw cap to maintain freshness. Flat bottom jar for easy storage in your pantry or kitchen. Hard plastic jar will keep delicate chocolates safe during shipping.
Made of delicious real white chocolate, use these curled shavings as the finishing touch to your cupcakes, cakes and plated desserts. We also love using them as a fun sundae or ice cream topping! We start with the most premium white chocolate, then blend and mold them into elegant curled shavings.

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